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2024 Election - November 13, 2024

Refer to the "Elections" tab for updated information on running for Council.

General election for the offices of Reeve, Councillors for Divisions 1, 3, 5 and 7.

 Proposed Bylaws 7.2024 Village of Laird Fire Agreement & Bylaw 8.2024 Village of Laird Recreation Agreement

To be presened at the August 9th 2024 Regular Council Meeting.

Please see Agenda tab for copies of the proposed Bylaws


 2024 Budget - Update

2024 Operating Budget  - 2024 operating budget was based at the May 7, 2024 regular council meeting with an increase of 5% on the municipal levy. 

5-Year Capital Plan - was presented and passed at the June 4, 2024 Regular Meeting

Bylaw 5.2024 Uniform Mill Rate - was given it's first reading on June 4,2024 and will have the final readings at the July 9, 2024 Regular Council Meeting

Bylaw 6.2024 Mill Rate Factors / Base Tax - was given it's first reading on June 4,2024 and will have the final readings at the July 9, 2024 Regular Council Meeting

Bylaw 7.2022 Incentives and Penalties - will remain in place for the 2024 year.


Public notice is hereby given that the Council of the RM of Rosthern intends to adopt amendments to the RM of Rosthern Zoning Bylaw No. 5-2008 under The Planning and Development Act, 2007.


The proposed Zoning Bylaw amendments are intended to respond to changing conditions and requests for land uses and development that are currently not permitted within the R.M. Zoning Bylaw.

The proposed amendments include the following:

- Schedule C – Country Residential 1 District (RA1)

- 1.8.8 (iii) Properties located within NW 01-43A-03-W3; accessory buildings shall have a maximum no greater in size that 1.5 times the floor area of the principal building.


All lands within the corporate limits of the R.M. OF ROSTHERNmay be affected by the Zoning Bylaw.


Any person may inspect the Zoning Bylaw during regular business hours at the R.M. office. Copies of the documents are available at a cost.


The Public Hearing shall be held on June 4th 2024 at 10:00 a.m. at the R.M. Office 1001 6th Street in Rosthern to hear any person or group that wants to comment on the proposed bylaws. Council will also consider written comments received at the hearing or delivered to the R.M. before the hearing. This will also be available via zoom (invitation is required).

Advertised in the Clarks Crossing Gazette the 16th day of May, 2024 and the 23rd day of May, 2024.

Amanda McCormick, Administrator


Notice is hereby given that the assessment roll of the Rural Municipality of Rosthern No. 403 for the year 2024 has been prepared and is open for inspection by appointment at the office of the Assessor from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on the following days:

Monday to Friday, April 11th 2024 – May 13th 2024.  

A bylaw pursuant to section 214 of The Municipalities Act has been passed and the assessment notices have been sent as required.

Any person who wishes to appeal against his or her assessment is required to file his or her notice of appeal by the 13th day of May 2024, with:

Rural Municipality of Rosthern No. 403 Board of Revision
 c/o Mike Ligtermoet, Secretary
642 Agnew Street
Prince Albert, SK  S6V 2P1

  Dated this 11th day of April 2024.

Amanda McCormick, Assessor


April 9/2024 - REGULAR MEETING

The following policies / bylaws will be under review:

  1. Bylaw 1.2024 - Council Code of Ethics Bylaw


The RM is in search for Road Clay and Gravel within the boundaries of the municipality. Proposals to be submitted to Council and will be presented at a Regular Meeting. The proposal should include the legal land location, when test holes can be conducted and estimated cost per yard.

Should the proposal be of interest notice will be given Public works will conduct an inspection along with test holes and testing of the materials will be completed to see if it meets RM spec.

** Council Meetings** 

Starting March 7, 2023, Council meetings will begin at 9:00 am.

Custom Work Rates

Patrol for Winter & Summer      $200 for 60 minutes and $125 for 30 minutes

Mower                                          $150 for 60 minutes and $75 for 30 minutes

Anything over 30 minutes will be charged for 60 minutes. Anything under 30 minutes will be charged for 30 minutes. Prices in effect May 1, 2023.

** Voyent Alert! **

Please register for Voyent Alert! on register.voyent-alert.com. Important notices such as fire bans or road bans will be sent out by this service. You can also provide current contact information to rm403office@sasktel.net for us to add you to Voyent Alert!  

 Pest Control Products

Please call Marcel Baynton directly for any pest control (306-467-4878 or 306-220-0840)

 RM Online Banking Options

The following banks have been added to accept online payments, in addition to Affinity Credit Union:

BMO, CIBC, RBC and ScotiaBank

If you have had any custom work done by the RM, you can pay your invoice using the same account number.

** Please use your customer number located in top right corner (in brackets beide your name) of your tax notice.

** You need to add zeros before your customer number to be an 11 digit number **